Having received and carefully considered TAARD’s exclusive invitation to promote Afro-contemporary culture, tourism, and socio-economic development in Africa. We hereby accept the same, and in so doing, we understand that we are also expressing our interest in leasing one or more apartments in the prestigious, African-themed, and exquisite residential development – The Afropolitan Alpha.

We also understand that to aid the fulfillment of our acceptance, we are required to provide relevant information to the management of TAARD, who are in turn required to treat all information we have provided with strict confidentiality. However, to ensure we have the same understanding of some of the terms used in your invitation letter, I have stated the terms and their definitions below.

The Afropolitan 

The Afropolitan refers to a contemporary African individual who embodies a fusion of African and global cultural influences, often characterized by their cosmopolitan lifestyle, engagement with African heritage, and status. An African world citizen, whether living on the continent or in diaspora, who has traveled extensively studying, exploring, and working, and has come to appreciate ‘home.’

The Afropolitan Alpha

The Afropolitan Alpha refers to an African of the world, a captivating embodiment of power, charisma, and cultural fusion. They exude leadership, effortlessly bridging African heritage and global influence. With unwavering confidence, they navigate multiple worlds, commanding the respect and admiration of people across the globe. They are uniquely positioned to effectively articulate, communicate, and redefine the African narrative whenever it is necessary, even as they continuously celebrate the richness of the continent while influencing a sustainable future for their people.

The Afropolitan Alpha Residential Development

TAARD is an upscale development that harmoniously blends the essence of urban living with an enriched Afro-cultural ambiance. It is an exceptional development that seeks to tell a unique story of the African people, our ideas, and our customs. TAARD is also a Grade A development that offers refined urban residences for Afropolitan Alphas, along with a diverse range of supplementary attractions, and a cluster of cultural and social spaces. By seamlessly integrating residential life with vibrant cultural and social arenas, TAARD not only fosters an environment conducive to education, collaboration, and recreation but also paves the way for an array of extensive opportunities in these spheres.


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