The Afropolitan Alpha Limited

Promoting Afro-Contemporary Culture, Tourism, and Socio-economic Development in Africa

TAAL (The Afropolitan Alpha Limited) is an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) created by JC (James Cubitt) in 2023 with the singular mission of establishing TAARD (The Afropolitan Alpha Residential Development) as a real estate project dedicated to promoting contemporary African culture, tourism, and socio-economic development in Africa. TAAL’s dedication to promoting the richness and diversity of African contemporary culture and tourism exists because she envisions a brighter future for Africa, where communities thrive, individuals prosper, and our social and economic well-being flourishes.  The viability of this vision remains quite high because of Africa’s immense potential and her diverse and rich culture, which will be harnessed to drive positive socio-economic change to the lives of everyday Africans living on the continent. Finally, we firmly believe that by harnessing the financial viability of the real estate development industry and channeling the same towards the promotion of afro-contemporary culture and tourism, TAAL would be contributing to the socio-economic development of Africa – uplifting various African communities and helping Africa optimize her full potential as a key player in the global landscape.

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49 Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

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