Your organization must be an industry leader that is willing to lease (off-plan) one or more of the exquisite TAARD apartments with the understanding that your leased apartment will be available for subletting to Afropolitan, international, and other visitors to Lagos when not in use by your organization.

Yes, it is. Our invitation is exclusive, and your organization’s acceptance of the same automatically prevents TAARD from entering a similar arrangement/agreement with any of her direct industry competitors during the subsistence of her lease. This ensures that the benefits derived by your organization, as our co-promoter, are exclusive, super attractive, and maximizable for her, even as her lease payments are protected by a Grade A Nigerian Bank or Insurance Company.

The lease process involves communicating a formal expression of your organizations interest online, execution of a lease agreement, and subsequently making a lease payment that will be protected by a Grade A Nigerian Bank or Insurance Company.

Our pricing structure is benchmarked with 5-star accommodation pricing structures. There is also the opportunity to upgrade from the default apartment type (1-bedroom premium apartment) to TAARD’s 2, 3, 4, and 5-bedroom apartments, subject to availability.

Each TAARD apartment is a meticulously crafted Afropolitan-owned residence, tastefully furnished to mirror the unique Afro-style, taste, and personality of its owner. These apartments proudly showcase spaces that are thoughtfully designed to deliver a sophisticated and contemporary Afro-living experience. To explore the specific breakdown of spaces and amenities, please view the specifications of TAARD’s 1-bedroom apartments.

Your lease payments will be protected by a Grade A Nigerian Bank or Insurance Company.

Yes, certainly.Refund requests with a withdrawal of acceptance letter can be submitted and your protected funds will be disbursed as follows:

  1. Within the first year of executing a lease agreement – 30 (thirty) working days from date of request.
  2. After the first year of executing a lease agreement – 60 (sixty) working days from date of request.

The estimated completion and handover timeline is 36 – 42 months (about 3 and a half years).

The Development Team led by JC brings 65+ years of experience to the table with various projects under their belt. The consultants and contractors are Grade A and JC’s clients are notable brands.

Absolutely, we welcome site visits to provide you with real-time and regular progress updates on construction. 

Co-promoters benefit from SIIPs and other collaborative events such as conferences, art exhibitions, book launches, music/film festivals, health and wellness retreats, culinary events and community workshops that aligns their brand with TAARD’s mission of promoting contemporary African culture, tourism and socio-economic development.

We customize lease terms to suit your organization’s needs, providing flexibility for her unique requirements such as protection of lease payments, transfer of unused lease to subsequent years, lease sale, subletting, and the option to swap apartments with other lessees immediately after apartment allocation orbefore your lease expires.

The target audience for TAARD are Afropolitans, international, and other visitors to Lagos including organizations and individuals who play host to visitors from time to time.

There aren’t tax incentives to be enjoyed by the promoters. However, subletting the apartment enables the lease payment(s) to be amortized partially or fully over the lease duration.

Payments are structured according to mutually agreed-upon terms outlined in the lease agreement, including a clear schedule for financial commitments.

TAARD is dedicated to strict adherence to all local and relevant international regulations and standards, while consistently collaborating closely with regulatory bodies throughout the development process to maintain compliance.

Contingency plans that emphasize transparent communication and a commitment to promptly address any issues are in place to manage unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, our safeguards encompass protection for lease payments, a performance guarantee, APGs, PI, and all-risk insurance to further ensure the resilience of the development timeline and quality.

Your organization can use your leased apartment for a full or partial duration of the lease, with the flexibility to divide this period into daily, weekly, monthly or other intervals when the latter is the case.

Your expression of interest allows you to choose your preferred floor(s) within the development.

Yes, our apartment allocation model depends on the order in which agreements are finalized with us after a post EOI period of 1-month has elapsed.

As a lessee of TAARD, you have full and unrestricted access to the different ancillary spaces in TAARD when not in use for private events. However, please note that there may be a premium for certain facilities, and adherence to terms and conditions is required to use some of these available spaces.

TAARD FM team will oversee the lease management for your apartment and handle any responsibilities that apply to subletting your leased apartment.

Seventy-five percent (75%) of the apartments in TAARD are owned by Afropolitan Alphas, while the remainder (25%) are reserved for guest overflows

Yes, your organization will be required to pay a service charge fee of 10 – 15% of the daily apartment rate for only the number of days the apartment is in use to host her guests.

The complimentary services provided to the guests of your organization within TAARD may vary depending on the type of apartment(s) your organization has leased.

Certainly, your organization can switch to either another premium apartment or a premium+ apartment or a premium+extra apartment of her choice, subject to meeting the predefined terms and conditions as stated in the lease contract.

Yes, TAARD offers top-grade facilities equipped to accommodate a diverse range of events, including corporate, formal/semi-formal, and Afro-themed occasions.

The security setup in TAARD includes a comprehensive surveillance system and a detailed security guide to ensure the safety of the lives and properties of occupants in the development.

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