TAARD’s off-plan lease protection serves as a risk management tool, ensuring that TAARD’s co-promoter’s lease payments are protected and refunded upon demand by them. This tool takes the form of a promissory note issued on behalf of TAARD to co-promoters by a Grade A Nigerian Bank or Insurance company, assuring the full refund of lease payments to co-promoters according to the terms stipulated in the lease agreement.


The risk mitigation tool was created for the benefit of TAARD’s co-promoters (corporate lessees), will provide them with:

Safeguards against any unforeseen events

This instrument acts as a financial safety net, protecting the financial interests of TAARD’s co-promoters by mitigating any risk of losing their payment in the event of any unforeseen events.

Assurance of a full refund

By providing assurance of a full refund upon demand to our co-promoters, TAARD is in effect, ensuring they are protected from any uncertainties related to the project’s development.

Adequate comfort

This instrument also provides our co-promoters with the comfort they require to enter an off-plan lease agreement with us.


Your Off-Plan lease payments are protected till delivery of the apartment, of which the estimated completion and handover timeline is 36 - 42 months (about 3 and a half years).


Minimum 1 year


The Lessor guarantees the protection of the Lessee's deposit during the Development Period. Lessee (co-promoter) can request a full deposit return anytime during this period. The Lessor commits to returning the full amount promptly, without any deductions.


Your organization must formally express her interest to lease one or more of TAARD's exquisite 1 or more-bedroom apartments for 1 or more years. Your organization must enter an exclusive agreement with TAARD as lessee and co-promoter of TAARD's mission regarding the above.

Refund of

Lease Deposit

In the event of a withdrawal of interest, the Lessor will return the full deposit to the lessee (Co-promoter), and her protected funds will be disbursed as follows:

  • Within the first year of executing a lease agreement – 14 (fourteen) working days from date of request.
  • After the first year of executing a lease agreement – 1 (one) month from date of request.

Claims Process

The lessee is required to submit a refund request with a withdrawal of acceptance letter and wait out the period stipulated to receive the refund.

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