Your ownership of a TAARD apartment is flexible, and it is not for a specific duration or period. You have the freedom to possess it for as long as you wish if you adhere to the terms of our agreement, including fulfilling the requisite time needed to lease the same to offset her financial acquisition cost. Furthermore, should you decide to sell the apartment, the same can only be sold and transferred to an entity that seeks to use it for its designated purpose of accomplishing TAARD’s mission, as stated. Nevertheless, the ownership agreement to be signed with you allows TAARD the right of first refusal in the event of a sale, therefore allowing her the opportunity to decline your offer to sell your apartment before it is sold to anyone else.

A similar agreement or an arrangement that may or may not be without an underlying objective to promote African contemporary culture, tourism and socio-economic development will still conflict with our unique and exclusive offer to potential guests which is one that is for a lettable apartment belonging to a specific Afropolitan Alpha, one that can only be made and fulfilled by TAARD. As such, the ownership agreement to be signed with you seeks to prevent and/or effectively manages such conflicts of interests, especially when the overarching interest of the organization you seek to enter an agreement with erodes the exclusive and unique nature of our offer, and negatively impacts the potential income to be derived from TAARD’s operations. Regardless, parties must seek each other’s opinion when in doubt.

You can host your personal guest in your TAARD guest apartment for a maximum duration of 1 (one) month per year, and only for the period of offsetting the financial acquisition cost of your guest apartment.

You, your personal guests, and TAARD vetted guests can stay in your guest apartment for the pre agreed duration, provided all occupants comply with the governing rules and regulations for all guests and visitors. However, it is necessary that you provide the FM, ahead of time, with the particulars of the individuals you wish to give access to your apartment. Temporary access cards will be issued to them upon their arrival after their IDs have been verified.

No notice period is required. Reserving your guest apartment for use by your personal guest under the complimentary use provision of your TAARD apartment ownership agreement is subject to availability when booking and provided you have not exceeded your total complimentary duration of 1 month per year. Regardless, TAARD’s FM will give the highest priority to your requests for use of your guest apartment.

Each guest is responsible for paying their respective service charges. This decision ensures fairness and equitable distribution of costs among guests of TAARD. The service charges will cover expenses related to the maintenance, management, provision of utilities, security, and shared amenities of the development. By having guests cover their service charges, long-term sustainability and efficient management of TAARD will be promoted, thereby ensuring the availability of qualitative services and amenities for all guests.

At TAARD, apartment owners and guests have access to a range of personalized and special support services available at their expense. These services include personal assistants, chefs, personal trainers, stewards, in-house grooming services, and assistance with event planning and press conferences etc. TAARD apartment owners and guests can enjoy these services by utilizing TAARD rates for apartment owners or guests as the case may be.

The confidentiality provisions will feature in the TAARD ownership agreement. Once you fill out and submit an expression of interest (EOI) form, you will be furnished with a proposed agreement wherein the confidentiality restrictions are stated.

TAARD’s FM will engage very highly skilled, trained, and experienced cleaning service provider for this purpose, whom we are meticulously devising a tailor-made cleaning manual with, which includes a plan, scope and methodology for deep cleaning of all material and relevant items.

We have established general guidelines for publications and public engagements, as we expect that mentions of TAARD will need to be made and meetings will need to be held regarding the promotion of TAARD apartments for short lets. However, before publicizing any information about you or involving you in any meetings, in relation to TAARD, we will provide you with the general and specific details for your consent.

We have a comprehensive security guide in place, and specific details can be shared after interest in owning has been formerly expressed. Regardless, we have appointed a reputable consultant – Control Risk, to take the lead on security planning and implementation, to ensure a secure living environment for TAARD’s visitors and guests as the safety and peace of mind of TAARD’s visitors and guests are of utmost priority to the management of TAARD.

Yes, if desired, parties to the agreement have the option to terminate the agreement. However, this will be subject to the termination clause(s) of our agreement.

The apartments at TAARD will cater to both vetted Afropolitan and non-Afropolitan guests who seek to promote and/or have an immersive Afro-contemporary cultural experience, while promote tourism and/or socio-economic development in Africa.

Yes, if the property is damaged by you or your personal guests while the property is in your custody or theirs and such property has a zero or partial insurance cover. Regardless, the final decision will be subject to the discretion of TAARD management.

To ensure your comfort and flexibility and your ability to determine the scope and duration of your engagement with guests, we will provide a curated list of potential activities and individual profiles for you to review and select from. Your level of involvement in tours and engagements will be entirely based on your willingness, interests, convenience, and availability. Additionally, please note that tours can be conducted both physically or remotely, depending on your preference, thereby allowing for your convenience and the level of accessibility to you by guests.

Yes, you can become a financial investor; a financial investment package for TAARD will be made available to you upon your request, the same will provide you with detailed information about the benefits of becoming a financial investor.

Your personal guests can enjoy various amenities that are classified as either complimentary, premium and paid services with varying levels of access and pricing, which have been designed to cater to their needs, and ensure they make the most of their Afro-themed experience. The access level and pricing for each amenity will be detailed in our apartment manual before TAARD becomes operational.

TAARD has different rates for members of her community. TAARD rates for owners offer the best rates and are limited to those with ownership agreements. TAARD rates for guests are higher than TAARD owners’ rates but lower than TAARD visitor’s rates, which are applicable to daily visitors who have TAARD security access cards. The specific rates for use of each amenity and support service will be provided upon finalizing agreements with service providers/vendors, and this information will be available on TAARD web and mobile applications, and through other official information channels. At the appropriate time, a link for detailed information about the amenities, their categorizations under complimentary, premium or paid services, and their corresponding access and pricing levels will be made available to you.

The general guidelines for engagement are the same as those that exist when engaging with non-VIP guests. The decision lies solely with you. However, in addition to this, we will provide you with profiles of VIPs who have requested to meet with you and our recommendations regarding such requests for your consideration and ultimate decision.

Yes, airport pick-up and drop-off complimentary services are available upon request.


  • Wi-Fi
  • Common area cleaning
  • Security
  • Parcel and mail handling
  • Maintenance Service
  • Housekeeping


Services at the afropolitan alpha

As per the terms and conditions of the contract, you will be required to do all that you reasonably and conveniently can to promote the interests of TAARD.

Only one of exquisite apartments in the development can be owned by you. Your apartment will have your name on it, and it should be furnished to your Afro-contemporary taste and style. Regardless, TAARD reserves the right to duplicate your apartment and own the duplicate.

The key elements that will be required in your apartment are those elements that best express who you are as an Afropolitan Alpha, especially the most inspirational aspects of your life and journey. We encourage you to use your apartment to share your story – aspects of your life you consider worth sharing, inspirational to guests who stay at your apartment and provide them with a better understanding of who you are.

Yes, you can choose the specific apartment you want in the development from the ones available during your selection.

Certainly, you can. By default, a 1-bedroom apartment is assigned, but you can opt for an upgrade to 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom, or 5-bedroom apartments. However, the price difference will have to be paid by you.

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